To ensure the overall customer experience is positive and memorable for your store visitors, it is essential to maintain a clean, tidy and professional space. A positive customer experience will be influenced by the overall retail environment and has a direct impact on the purchasing behaviour of clientele. For instance, a clean retail space will attract and engage your market and potentially increase the likelihood of customer purchases, return visits and customer recommendations.

Consider the following factors to ensure your customers enjoy their shopping experience.

Windows and Door Fronts

As customers walk past your store, the windows and door front are the first thing they see. If there are marks on the glass, preventing a clear view of the window display this may impact a customer’s decision to enter the store. It is in your best interest to reflect a quality and pristine environment therefore all surfaces need to be clean.

Fresh Floors

Quality cleaning of the floors is essential. Not only will dirty floors discourage customers from spending time in your store but may also cause a safety risk. No matter the flooring, whether you have tiles, carpet or vinyl the cleanliness of your flooring will demonstrate to your customers how you value your products and customers.

Air Quality

Ensuring quality air circulation will minimise the possibility of any unpleasant odours and nasty viruses in the workplace. To improve air quality a regular clean of your air conditioning system filters will prevent airborne bacteria from spreading, keeping both your staff and customers healthy.

In a retail environment constant attention is required in dressing rooms and restroom facilities. Untidy dressing rooms could mean customers avoid trying on clothing items reducing the likelihood of purchase. Cleanliness offers a perception of respect, consideration and pride. Having a tidy and clean environment shows the stores values.

Not only do retailers need to understand the importance of a clean environment but also a tidy space. Staff should regularly browse the space and ensure products are neatly placed/ folded on the shelves or hanging space.

Gretams strongly believes in developing a lasting impression. Our promise to you is a reliable, consistent and quality service. We work closely with you to develop a service suited to your specific retail site and organisational requirements. Get a free cleaning quote by contacting Gretams on (07) 3892 4900. We would love to hear from you.

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